Window Cleaning Service Commercial and Residential



We understand that a fresh working environment truly helps to improve productivity and happiness. SK Windows has years of experience internally cleaning properties of all shapes and sizes. At SK Windows we can tackle many areas of internal cleaning, including the more difficult jobs such as high-level cleaning of light fixtures, ductwork and internal windowpanes. Whatever your internal cleaning requirements, we will be sure to provide you with a tailored service that suits your requirements. We are confident at meeting deadlines to a great standard to ensure our clients satisfaction, as that is our top priority. At SK Windows we take pride in internal cleaning for various residential properties, and business premises.


We understand the importance of a building’s appearance, whether it’s a smaller residential home, or a large business, first impressions have a great impact. We work hard to improve and maintain the appearance of your building. We carry out all aspects of exterior cleaning, including canopy cleaning, cladding cleaning and gutter and fascia cleaning. We use a wide variety of cleaning methods, including high level reach, high level pressure washing, as well as traditional window cleaning methods. Many newer buildings and office spaces are situated at a high-level, where accessibility to windows may be difficult, or inaccessible all together. We use our own exterior structure and platforms to reach areas that have limited accessibility, we aim to make the process as seamless as possible while create as little disruption as possible to ensure a high level of satisfaction.


By using specialist equipment and techniques to achieve a high-quality result, you can be assured of a safe and effective service that keeps your property looking spotless and healthy. While we strive to execute a process that ensures clients keep their property looking great, we are just as focused on preventing premature damage from lack of maintenance that is advised, but not necessarily advised at the time it was built. We love to see our clients happy, the role is very rewarding when we ourselves get the review the good work we have done in transforming our customers’ conservatories. It is very important to remove any problematic mould and bacteria from the surface, in order to prevent premature external seal failure as a result of moss growth.

Solar Panel

The use of renewables has been increasing, and as a result, so has the likelihood of solar panel installations. To ensure the efficiency and health of the panels themselves, they need to remain clean. At SK Windows we are more than capable of executing this process, in order to maintain the health of your solar panels and save you money. Panels should be review more regularly when located in dustier areas, for example, near to farmland, or near a busy road. These solar panels should be subject to a more frequent clean as dust build up will be considerably more. It is not healthy for solar panels to remain dirty, as they will suffer from modular shading over longer periods of time. The longer this goes on, the bigger the problem, and essentially the more money lost. By working closely with our clients, we are proven to meet target times and successfully regulate our Health and Safety measures.

Shop Front

We know how important it is to keep the front of your business looking spotless. It says everything about how much you care about your business services, and in turn, your customers. A clean business indicates pride and care which is vital when trying to accumulate trusting clients. SK Windows understands that your shop face is the initial point in which a customer creates their first impression, which is why it is so important to maintain it in a sparkling state. You can trust us to wash down your windows to a fantastic standard to help you showcase a clean and inviting ethos. Not only does a sharp clean help your business look appealing to passers-by, it also helps with general maintenance and the properties health, preserving surfaces and slowing down corrosion. We ensure a perfect job every time, while being able to provide an efficient and cost-effective window cleaning service.