Window Cleaning Service Commercial and Residential

Commercial Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is not a simple task. It can involve reaching great heights, which requires a great deal of planning and thought to produce a safe and effective process. SK Window Cleaning offers a commercial window cleaning services to a large spectrum of clients, of various sizes, and we’re always honoured to start working for new clients. We are experts when it comes to commercial and industrial window cleaning, providing a specialised and committed service to our customers. Our commercial customers, including COOP and the NHS, swear by our commitment and efficiency. To provide a tailored service, we offer a range of different methods and techniques to fit budget and building. Additionally, we offer a range of services including, but not limited to, cladding and gutter cleaning to ensure our customers buildings are maintained across all areas.

Gutter Cleaning

We offer a competitively priced gutter cleaning service to ensure the guttering of your property is perfectly clean and in full working order. Gutters of all properties can take a battering from the wet and windy British weather, and they are an integral part of your property’s defence against water access. If your guttering becomes blocked with debris and or are broken, rainwater bodies collect and will eventually make its way into your home which can result in an extended array of damage. Excessive moisture within your property over time will cause dangerous damp and mould build up that can lead to serious consequences to your health if left untreated. Water build-up can also damage the structural integrity the building in question, and this can be expensive and time consuming to repair. Choosing the wrong equipment or cleaning methods can lead to additional damage to the gutters of the building. We can ensure the highest standard of finish. We can use high-powered washer jets to blast away rotting leaves and vegetation from your gutters, creating a clear and effective pathway for water flow.

Cladding Cleaning

Clean and shiny cladding can mean making your building look new again. It can certainly improve your business reputation and help to maintain the inviting appearance of your property. First impressions are always important, and the exterior of your business premise is the first thing your customers will see. The last thing you want is for your customers to be greeted by a dirty and lacking exterior as this does not convey a caring message. Our cladding cleaning service as part of SK Windows can remove the nasty staining on your cladding, while removing the negative connotations that follow. Cleaning your cladding can also prolong the life of the coating keeping it looking healthier for longer period. We can safely clean a range of commercial properties, if your premise is larger, we are fully trained and specialised in higher level cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes standard surface and carpet cleaning practices are not enough to extract dirt and grime which has built up over time. Vacuuming a carpet and wiping surfaces can only lift so much dirt to remove bacteria. Sometimes a more particular technique is required, in these scenarios we are more than happy to provide the expert help you need. We will utilise the power of steam to clean your carpets, upholstery and surfaces. This exterminates fleas, mites, mould, and bacteria. Steam cleaning leaves your carpets smelling and looking fresh. No other carpet cleaning method can achieve such a clean result without the need for harsh and toxic chemicals. We can advise you of the best method and technique from our experience, in order to get your surfaces cleaned swiftly, effectively and in convenient and cost-effective manner.

Pressure Washing

External walls, pathways and decking of commercial locations can be negatively impacted as they have to endure the wet and windy British weather. This can result in excess moss and algae build up on these surfaces, which can deteriorate the surface quality. Selecting the wrong equipment or techniques to clean these surfaces can potentially lead to the discoloration and or even permanent damage to the surface in question. SK Windows will create an assessment and be sure to bring along the correct equipment and cleaning detergents to suit the needs of the situation. Ensuring the removal of stains and grime build up from your property’s hard surfaces. At SK Windows we take pride in customer satisfaction and are experience in achieving a top result for our customers’ premises.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum dropped and discarded on pavements, roads and surrounding surfaces leaves an unattractive stain similarly to other litter, that can negatively impact your customers initial impressions. This can also negatively affect the surrounding environment. SK Windows provides a fast, safe and affordable way to remove chewing gum from pavements. We use the latest jetting systems to remove the unappealing gum from walkways and surfaces, leaving our customers’ buildings environment looking sharp and welcoming once again. Chewing gum left in various spaces is a massive inconvenience and a large cleaning challenge. It can mix with additional regular day-to-day grime which quickly becomes more problematic, the gum will soon set rock hard, making it massively difficult to remove using conventional cleaning techniques. SK Windows utilises high pressure jetting that blasts the chewing gum off the pavement swiftly and effectively, along with other collected grime, often leaving the surface looking as good as new.

Graffiti Removal

Vandalism and the defacing of property can damage a building’s and or locations first impression and customer perception. Utilising powerful and effective tools, we work to quickly to eliminate graffiti pieces and paintwork from your desired location. Our cleaning techniques are effective in removing graffiti at a swift pace, in order to maintain your properties image, while hopefully deterring any future vandals. Graffiti can be very difficult to remove unless you have the right equipment and detergent for the job. Specialist equipment and knowledge from SK Windows can ensure the removal of graffiti.

Specialist Access

We undertake all four main areas of access on buildings. Rope access, cradle access, powered access and scaffolding tower access. We will always endeavour to find the right access for any building type and we always work with health and safety in mind. All required work will be undertaken using the exact right solution to ensure that the job is done right. We carry out all of the access assessments prior to any quotation being provided. We are totally transparent with our pricing and services and will always keep the client informed every step of the way.


High street and shopping centres

Shop front and shopping centre frontage is the first thing that customers see. We specialise in not only window cleaning but providing the best possible finish to shop and shopping centre front of house which is used to attract clientele. High street property window cleaning is mainly done out of hours and usually means that we bring in specialist lighting so that we can get the job done properly. This avoids disruption and distraction to normal business operations.